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Default Re: Things you were dead wrong for laughing at...

One time me and 2 friends were on a bus riding back home from the Mall, and then this guy comes in and stans near one of my firends. hes standing cause there aint no more seats. So this man who looks like a constuction worker, with paint all over his clothes, forgot to hold tight on the bars, and the bus braked, and this man FELL on the floor. I could not hold it in, but i did, then he got up and he HELPed him self up by grabbing on to my firends leg, AHHH man since then i make fun of him for that. the man walked towards tha back, and DAMN!!!! did he leave a stank smell, like he shitted him self and squashed it when he fell. there was a BUM in the back of the bus, HE CAMe towards the front running away from the smell of this Drunken fuck.

I heard him talking and then i walked out the bus and told him that he stank like shit, he replied by saying I was gonna die that nite(in Spanish).

that shit was funny since then i cant stop laughing.

some other shit we do is scream stuff outside the window to bystanderds when we are driving in the streets.

i got 1st class tickets on the airplane straight to HELL!!!!!

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