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To all those who are fasting right now through Ramadam, goodluck to you all. Must be really tough.

Can someone explain to me what goes on between Fasting such as, how long it lasts for and when you can eat and other details, I heard you cant brush your teeth with toothpaste either, as that has flavouring in. Please post. Im very intreagued.

I have a couple of friends fasting right now so i respect people that do. I just want to find out more about it, and i coudnt think of a better place to come!
The fasting of Ramadan is that particular religions method of fasting. Fasting from sunrise to sunset to me is someone just not eating for half the day. Some people say that drinking nothing but water or natural juices is a form of fasting, which I don't agree with. I've fasted many times in the past. The best fast in my opinion to increase ones spiritual/mental fortitude is not eating or drinking anything for 24 hours at a time and reflecting on spiritual matters. (prayer, meditation, study, etc.)

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