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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
however, pointing that out and the donations part then labelling him suspect is suspect - i searched through his videos and watched mad of them and not once saw any booty shaking videos - i heard him mention something about donations once - but it was a lesson on giving and how the peoples minds work concerning it

just watched this
naw that wasn't the clip eye saw on his youtube page

and eye don't have time to search for it

but it was defineatly there at one time and it
was basically 10 minutes of strip club type
dancing with various women with "king" noble
talking over like..."yeah look at that ass"

om paraphrasing but

be clear not even trying to
throw "King" noble under the
born universe savior either

eye don't think he is a an government AGENT
like the likes of such crackers as
Sara-glutten seti or Natural Tehuti
or even Dr York

those 3 eye have no problem throwing
under the born universe savior

but like eye said....

eye only want for all women what
eye want for mah own theoretical daughter

and apparently "King" Noble doesn't feel the same way

so he should stop asking for donations

so its not suspect....we shouldn't give our money
to pimps or those who are in that world

like you said sunny winters....if that was your
daughter on his page shaking that ass like
a fuckin whore you wouldn't be too happy about
that either

so no its not suspect...eye think its suspect nobody
finds "king" noble suspect

anyways sunny....eye do loves you

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