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Originally Posted by claaa7 View Post
masterpiece, no doubt.. unique, BIG sound, amazing orchestration, great choice of samples and interpolations and runs like a movie on CD. a truly "Dark Twisted Fantasy", Kanye, RZA, Bink, No ID, Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker and the rest of the guys did a great job with the production and arrangements.

i'm writing big reviews for my blog on my 3-5 favorite albums of the year that includes this and for the other 7-5 albums there will be shorter sentences. but this is a masterpiece to me, love the "Runaway" movie too - how cool isn't it with a music video to an ALBUM?!

and i think it has high replay value so far
co-sign, the replay value is ridicolous high imo...i've been listening to tracks 1-3 and 6-8 on a daily basis since i bought the album (although i just listen to these tracks, i dont like the other tracks)! its just so fresh and different i dont know...and im normally a kanye hater...
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