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Originally Posted by Golden_Armz
^ Wow all my favourite posters are back....surely this is the end of KTL

Fasting is not just about FOOD!! fasting is prescribed to us just as it was prescribed to the people before us.....
If you read my first post in this thread you would've known I know "fasting is not just about food".

also when you think about it you cant have 1.2 billion people not eating for 24hrs......fasting is for a Holy Month......if you like to fast 24 hrs then thats even better sacrifice but Allah is not asking you to do so....
I only knew a fast to be a required 24 hour abstainment of food and liquids until I was introduced to the concept of so-called "fasts" which did not require that.

There's people who on the regular don't eat until the early evening. In general I fail to see the true sacrifice of a "half day fast".
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