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Default Re: Different Views.

Wait a minute.

You have to put everything in the proper context.

Afrikans from various countries are bombarded with MTV and Cops. They only see the WORST of what Black people in Amerikkka have to offer. And when they come here they are greeted by US reps who tell them to stay away from Black Amerikkkans because we are 'lazy criminals.' Every friend I have from the continent has said the same thing.

And Black people her- ALL people her in Amerikkka- are bombarded by Afrikan images of famine, rain forests (jungles), third world conditions, scantily clothed indigenous people, and terrorists. We do not see the beautiful cities and the modern society that most Afrikan nations truly exist as.

So misinformation is directed both ways and the result is distrust and prejudice based on propoganda.

That is the reality.

We are already dead, and are replaying our lives at the judgment.
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