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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

amongst legends i proclaim my spot as a veteran
my shot sniper in living proof i reside on the penitetiary roof
goof with a gun Joker on the run Bruce Wayne vanish and spoof
bats glide Southern flow record Slip n Slide spanish in the booth
over sampled my flow right hand on the bible kip spitin tha truth
nice on the mic overrated mainstream
ice age Jones or just Mike
underground for life rest in peace Dirty sneaker footwear Perry ellis Nike
vocabs jab heist of the century mention me despite the one u like
lyrical tart mid section rhyme slut mc's get disected n cut
The What only featured mc unrated on my slot time the best
challenges are met deflated spinned and tossed these Crickets r not a Test
bibilical sriptures encrypted with three 6's
time to call God his number not listed
don get it twisted i bring forth a critical vision
to cast fear and yeild man is the devil's mission
besides the lord i fought to defend the lords FORT..

..............Jahny Jigler
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