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Here's Some More Recent USO Reports:

USO and UFO in Messina.

Here comes testimony about a USO which emerged from the sea in the area of Faro-Mortelle (ME): On February 5, 2009, three workers involved in the renovation of a house hear a hissing which they define as "like a pressure cooker." Turning their gaze toward the sea, astounded, they witness a scene "from a movie": a very "big" USO in the shape of a sphere emerges about 800 meters from the beach, takes off until it reaches an altitude of 1000-1500 meters, then stops. Immediately afterwards, the astonished witnesses see nine other smaller UFOs come out from the underside of the larger UFO and move away quickly in the direction of Palermo. When this operation was carried out, the UFO dropped slowly until it submerged completely. The witnesses explain that the UFO "ball" had a diameter of at least 45-50 meters [147.6 ft.-164 ft.], that it was lead gray, smooth, and quiet, and that the sighting occurred around 2:30 p.m. News of the sighting came to our center thanks to the wife and daughter of one of our reader's workers. What can we say? USOs and UFOs again in our seas. Is there perhaps a connection with the overused Caronia1 because statistically several sightings can be resolved with the departure of the objects in the direction of Palermo? Thanks to Maria Teresa Cettina and her daughter, the wife and daughter of the third witness. Doctor Marta Falletta, researcher at the UFO Research Center Messina. Published in Ufologia.


Bell shaped UFO taking on water - 2nd Feb 2009, Cinderford area (Welsh border) UK.

I had returned home from work and gone to bed at 1:30am. At 1:45 I was just dozing off when I woke suddenly because there was an extremely bright orange light shining through my window. The light was so bright that it illuminated part of the room even through thick curtains. The light was pulsing and my first thought was that the house was on fire.

I got up and opened the curtains and could barely see anything because the light shining in was so intense. After a few seconds my eyes adjusted to the light and I could see that it was coming from what I can only describe as a small bell shaped UFO at the bottom of my garden which is about 60ft away from the window. The light appeared to be pulsing quite slowly but it is possible that this effect was due to the intensity of the light.

The UFO was hovering above the small stream at the end of my garden and bizarre though it sounds water was being drawn up into the craft. I was unable to determine if there was an opening because of the angle but it appeared to simply be flowing directly up into the craft in a column about 3ft wide.

I would estimate the craft to be about the same size as a VW beetle car. It was so bright it was difficult to look directly at it but it did not appear to have any hatches, windows, doors and no other features or markings.

The craft was around 10 to 15 feet above the stream and was bobbing up and down slightly. This continued for what I'd guess to be about 30 seconds before the water stopped flowing and the craft began to move away. Its movements weren't very graceful, it almost seemed to stagger to the right and left as it cleared the wooded area by the stream.

Its movements near the ground were quite clumsy and it seemed to be making adjustments to its path in a rather robotic way to clear the trees, sort of 2ft this way, 3 ft that way and then back in the direction it came. Like a robot trying to work out a path rather than an intelligent pilot moving a craft. It then rose sharply and shot off to the west at amazing speed.

As it rose in the air it tilted dipping one the nearest side to me downwards slightly, it did not appear to rotate and there was no noise whatsoever at any time. My vision was extremely blurred afterwards and when I closed my eyes I could still see an afterimage for around 4 hours after the event. For several days my vision was tinted red at times leading me to fear I had damaged my eyes though thankfully I don't appear to have suffered any long term effects.

Curiously for three days afterwards no birds came into the garden which is really strange as my garden is normally full of birds feeding on the bird table. The crows nests which are in the trees around the stream also appear to have been abandoned completely.


Lake Superior -- On Sunday, September 3, 2006, at or near 11:30 PM (2330 Hrs) E D T, while sitting outdoors looking across White Fish Bay toward Canada gazing at the red beacons from many electricity generating windmills on an island in the bay, I suddenly became aware of a brilliant gold-white sphere of light just below the cloud layer to my east. I was in a lawn chair and had binoculars with me. Seeing this light appear below the overcast my first thought was of an aircraft with its landing light turned on. As an airplane watcher I kept my eye on the light expecting to see and hear an aircraft approach directly toward me. I said nothing to my wife who was next to me tending our fire. I picked up my binoculars for a better view and noticed while watching the light that I was lowering the glasses to keep it in view as the surface of the lake was becoming visible.

I realized the object was not heading toward me but instead was in a slow controlled, steady descent. As it neared the lake's surface, its own brilliance formed a reflection on the water. As the object continued its descent, the reflection on the water grew brighter and larger. The object, visible only as a ball of light (which may have had a dark band across the center) lowered itself and the object and its reflection merged at the surface of the lake and the object was gone from view. As I watched the object it had descended into and below the surface of the lake. Not a ripple or other disturbance appeared on the surface. There was no dark outline of a landed craft. There were no sounds. There was never any steady, flashing, or strobing red, green, or white navigation lights as would appear on a conventional air or watercraft. I continued to watch but nothing more was seen, just empty, still water. I eliminated all the mundane, prosaic things to come to mind; conventional aircraft, watercraft, meteors, fireballs, parachute flares, signal flares, balloons, etc... This object behaved like none of these things. It was not falling, not flickering and flaring, not drifting, not landing on the water, not hovering, not making sounds. It came through the cloud deck, slowly descended into the lake, and was gone. It took about a minute. I felt I had witnessed something unusual.

Thanks to MUFON CFS
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