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OK hear we go lest get the conversation back up I know sense-A was arguing over what all the politicians are arguing over. Weather or not to cut spending or raise taxis but I want to confirm to you I think we should do both. Lets take it back to 1930 we know now that it wasn't the war that got us out of great depression but it was because all Americans sacrificed for there county, poor and rich we were united not only in hate. (ahh.... glorious hate) do you all really need the history lesson

my point is we all gave what we could but
now people are going around saying make cuts over there as long as it doesn't effect me I'm cool with it well we all know the one shouting in the crowd is the one that can afford a blow-horn

so short of starting a WW3 which will get us out of paying china back
we all need to come together and realize the only way out of your fiscal predicament is is to sacrifice

or we can face the alternative and become a 3rd wold

I mean me and all the other rich folk have no stake in it, I bank in japan and I can afford to take my shit and go

end bush tax cuts

all citizens of America who own companies outside of America pay a 33% income tax rate


cuts on funding to (excluding Education)

!End the War!

cap on government pensions 20 years

no national crisis aid to other country (we are in crisis)

“even out the balance” no tax brakes based on income

remove currant crisis tax (Katrina/9:11)

increase income tax to 30%(bite me I'll be paying more then you)[but I love America so its cool]

10 year plane should get us back in the Blue

after we get back on our feet then we can work on

healthcare reform (the one reason why Canada doesn't exists)
education reform (I still want to increase High-school by 2 years as well as reforming curriculum)

but that's a different thread
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