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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

Jet leg late arrival special broadcast
Against all odds i made the telecast
Harness the wind God bless the kid
Not incarcerated bars now do the bid
Yeah i Usher them in bodybags in rags
Justice is served John Doe toe tags
In depth high defination carved in steel
Gritty beats motion picture RZA is still
Living like the Man in the iron mask
Effortlessly slay mcs blueprint the task.
Reaveled secrets my whispers Qauke

keep threadin +addedwutang .peace
bibilical sriptures encrypted with three 6's
time to call God his number not listed
don get it twisted i bring forth a critical vision
to cast fear and yeild man is the devil's mission
besides the lord i fought to defend the lords FORT..

..............Jahny Jigler
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