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Originally Posted by Baraka Bombah View Post
After 8 games this season, Vince Young had the highest QB rating in the NFL this season. That is not debatable. It is a fact. Over the last 2 years the Titans are 12-4 with Vince, and 2-14 without him, and he got Fisher fired? Lol @ you getting all emo and calling me names! Whether Vince Young ever wins a super bowl or not he WAS the highest rated QB in the league halfway through this past season, and Jeff Fisher got himself fired. I'm an idot?
He's totally right; Vince Young did have the highest passer rating. I know there's a lot of arguments against VY, but the reality is that on the field, he's more than half-decent. Just because he's an emotional bitch off the field doesn't mean he's not a good QB, and that's the problem Fisher had. He would rather view VY for his off-field issues than for his on-field performance. There's QBs better than VY, but I'd take him over probably any QB that isn't on the upper-tier.

Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
Quarterbacks with higher career passer rating than vince young.

Shaun Hill
Neil Lomax
Damon Huard
Kyle Orton
Chris Chandler
Bert Jones (who?)
Jay Fiedler
Stan Humphries
Throwin this out there, I'm sick of Kyle Orton getting bashed; that guy played for Chicago for fuck's sake. Of course he wasn't gonna be a motherfucking hero there, not throwing to the people he was throwin to. And he turned Brandon Marshall into one of the best receivers in the league this year, if not considered the best, statistically. He's a lot better than people give him credit for.

Originally Posted by battle? View Post
qb rating or mvp's have nothing to do w/it.its all about the ring @ the end of the season.
Yeah, it is all about the ring. But the point is, Vince did a good job at his position this year. You can't try to argue that Tom Brady's 2007 season was nothing just cause he didn't finish with a ring. He set a bunch of records that year and went 16-0. Success is surely measured in Lombardis, but not strictly. If records didn't matter we wouldn't care so damn much about them. Plus the media wouldn't have made such a big deal about Favre not getting to 300.
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