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Originally Posted by Louis Cypher View Post
i have to disagree Europe is not the center of the universe regardless of how the our schools teach
and i can go on with conspiracy theory of Venus wiping out or early civilization all day

and the first recorded god was Vishnu other then "The Great Hyne"
long before any Egyptian or Aztec god was ever engraved in stone

just sayin
The main Indian god was dyaus pitar who was a solar deity and who migrated into the Greek zeus (which was basically just their word for god deus which is derived from Deva where we get Divine) Im not saying Europe was the origin. The indo European culture arose around the black sea IIRC and all of Europe and India derive their religions from those ancient barely remembered traditions. Hinduism and Greek Paganism are cousins if not brothers, they share a primordial heritage. Over time these beliefs spread and evolved and then conflicted and mixed into our the myriad ones we try to define into "different religions."

The Sino deities are derived in large part from adaptations of Indian and even European deities which mixed with whatever was there before. There are carvings of Hercules in china and Buddhas in scandanavia. Religions got around. Japan as an island was more insular but they had enough contact with the outside that Shinto had similar traditions too.

But back on point, dyaus became Indra and then Indra (a thunderer king armed with a lightning bolt) became one of five major gods and the got dropped when the Trimurti of brahma vishnu shiva became more popular. However Hinduism is actually monotheistic because they believe in oneness, the Brahman. Brahman is pantheistic and is nothing like Allah or a Jupiter Maximus Et Optimus.
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