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Default first time rhyme spittah, peep this

As the title says, first time I've bothered to write lyrics. Been messin around with producing for a minute so thought I'd give the pen game a go. Nothing crazy bout 10 mins worth of work.
Let me know what you think though.

aye yo, im a first time rhyme spitter/
but my rhymes sicker/
bars like i like my booze, bitter/
5 mic award gripper/
once started, never a quitter/
infinite rhymes emerge from my dome/
catchin wreck like when I clap on the chrome/
shits nickle plated son, my hollow points make jacks run/
sounding like "omars commin" dun, they straight cowards when I'm seen with a gun/
born and raised in Adelaide, the city of churches/
known for smoking bud, missin bodies and murderers,
"thats why you haven't head of us!"/
rhyme style like a bomb thats about to combust/
no sketchy shit here, im the on you can trust/
always can be relied on to get my rhyme on/
venoms darts spat like a deadly python/

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