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Default Re: Ultimat Spider Man

Originally Posted by AceFadal
I did not drop $50.00 bucks on a game to beat it in three days. I did'nt buy an action game to race, that shits is wack! If I wanted to race I would just play Dub edition or Burnout Revenge. I gots both. There ain't much left to do after the stroy line. Its just like GTA, except there is less to do. I thought that the Green Goblin was the Hulk the only way that I knew who it was, was to go to the extras screen. Its a straight button masher. No real strategy needed. I'm a big fan of Spider-Man 1 and 2, but this shit don't cut it. If you get it into it with thugs, the fights are hard. Not in ultimate SpiderMan. Use the web, then jump kick, kick....easy. They also contradict themselves between the storyline and the comic book. Peter Parker was an even bigger scrub when he was 15 and had'nt even connected with his powers yet. WTF?

And yo kid Icurus, I ain't no noob at video games, son. I was playing like three other games during that time. It took me at least a week before I got far into the Lord of the Rings. About two for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and still trying to battle through the Mercinaries that I picked up last week. I don't play games forever when I just get em, brand new! I got Madden Titles to retain, and FIFA stats to keep up...... I can't just put all my gaming into one set kid!

every $50.00 Game should be as long as FFIV...If not $30.00 to $40.00 should be the norm. Don't just put a name on it with your logo and a price tag.

There is enough of that in Hip Hop!
We'll you made it seem like you have no life, never said you a noob. Just dont buy everygame you see. I will agree with you that its not that great of a game though. I got bored after the venom and firefly fight. (I think thats his name.) But relax, son. I'm glad you have every game ever made. You definitely a game geek since you called me kid icurus. But I'm not mad. Good Look.
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