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Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post

that anime shit was getting outta hand though louis you gotta admit

nothing is wrong with your views their your views....if you feel a way about a certain subject that state why or as my friend at likes to say you make your thesis statement and move on

but posting anime and damn animal hybrids has nothing to do with my subject on is will power and boarz and sham-ill seem to get fuel up and want to get mad and angry whenever me, sunny, style, show you your errors (boarz still thinks hannibal is white.....SMMFH)

what i saying is your posts have potential but you minimize that potential when you post rhetoric which has nothing to do with the topic @ hand or anime

and this isnt a diss toward you but like sunny said try a different approach and if you feel like your not getting anywhere move on
admit the Chiyo was a bit to far but all i was doing is showing you the lunacy in believing that will alone can change the world
witch is what the show the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is all about
will is only limited to an individual ability to change himself nothing more

you cannot create a world in witch ESPers/Time-travelers/extraterrestrial visitation(sorry i was always believe in my Yuki) exist simply by wiling it so

go ahead focusing all of your thought to positive thinking and attempting to believe that the wave isn't coming/ the tsunami will still kill you why you are stuck in your delusions
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