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thanks Rock but it doesn't change the fact that i hate you... m'K

butt i love the fact on how pissed of sunny got i guess herring the same thing fro two people is just what he needs to realize what he is now if we can only get a third he may in fact finally step down with honor but then again people like him need assistance

and i have only one shared IP

oh and lets look it the post in question to dispel the face that i supposedly tried to derail the conversation

title = is will power limited?

Originally Posted by it's Me Bitches
you know i know i sad that was my final word but

you dangerously close to becoming haruhiist

you don't have to fall victim like RZA did
your already following the basic beliefs that make up the show
you can't change the world through consciousness alone

i mean seriously if it possible were are all the zombies i have been prepared for years
were are the cute cat girls-nyan
my giant robots
man eating plaints


i know its out there i just know it

its not to late repent to your lord god chiyo for she is most cute a merciful
granted some things are over the top [bold] but never the less it did convey your ridiculousness pretty well

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