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Default tropical rhyme-storms


the time's on madness and mayhem by the break of dawn
curses casted on bastards that refuse to upgrade their rhyme-forms
know your designs torn by verbal tornadoes and tropical rhyme-storms

verse 1

punch in the clock or your getting punched with a lock
just in the explanation of variations of how the swinging fists rocked
no ducking this shot lava hot degrees to melt the pot
it's like saigon drama lyrics grip on ya how a pit locks
cracks what his ribs got he didn't scream he just dropped
he shoudv'e just stopped and retreated to a pit stop
instead of creative concepts he bragged about his wrist-watch
we switched spots as kids watched beatings with whops
tires screeching on cops on the 2-way chatting with pops
refusing to give-up he's frustrated that the bucks stopped
he's tough(not) just a stranger unknown to danger glocks
cuffed in the parking lot sentenced to a shitty cell-block
that's not hot he re-arranged his thinking alot
got out and blew his cream on gold bonds, and stocks
instead of white rocks those 18 months he almost forgot
til' he was reminded in a dream when time rewinded
back to the genesis images defined this
undetected motion of emotional commotion
watching another follower blown by a pistol buster in the open
people running his mind roller-coasting the victim choking
the killer ditched the gun that was smoking him and the devil eloping

verse two

it was impending doom out of control weather
a mixture of rain and strong winds mother nature's so clever
man was never trusted he rebuked god and planned his own endeavors
and then came the vendetta demons casted on earth
with evil intensions and treasures
silver, and gold blinded a enemy to break bread for his soul
in the end it was too late for repentance the karma so cold
as the air left his lungs the pain was so great left his whole body numb
all he wanted to be was the one a rebael that lived by the gun
he felt forsaken as his whole body was shaken by death vibrations
the devil was waiting and happily thanked him
even the truth couldn't awake him his body shut-down
he saw his whole life passed as he fell to the ground
and then the next king was given the crown
to rule a whole empire destination under-ground
met a queen so love was found he was world renown
a muscial guru known in every city, and town
for his wise words but one day a challenger observed
mastered his style and demanded a battle of words
challenge accepted as he was given a copy of the king's rules
he battled the dude surrounded by both crews
spooked by how the dude had the same style he nearly with-drew
it was a draw as the whole crowd booed

My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
Hell razah

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