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Default Re: Fasting

Originally Posted by Princerai
yes i understood the first time bro.. breathing cannot be halted its part of life that must prevail at natures pace..

and the toxins that come through the air, is filtered by our mind in the way explained as above!

and fasting if done accordingly, is a blueprint for meditation for everyday life in trems of meditating 24/7

because we wake up in a certain time for the cause of God.. that makes us humble and careful of what we do.. we are humbled and apprecaite the food we consume.. we engender patience.. which is the greatest of attributes..
and fasting keeps u away from things in life that seems so ordinary.. but can harm you in the mind if you cannot control them..

even breath can be controlled to make it more effective!

peace n blessingz
i dig what you are saying

if fasting is the blueprint
then proper consumption is the plan in action

the next thing is to look at foods not as something to be thankful for

but as something that must be used in proper quantities and proportions in order to build something
(i said the word 'must')

if patience is the greatest of attributes
one may suggest that creation is the greatest of feats


this is interesting
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