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Prince Rai
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indeed.. i agree.. a blueprint must come into action so that the blueprint served its purpose.

food "must" be consumed with care and in proportion.. it is obvious that 2 much or 2 little can do harm, but the balance is established by examining how the body reacts to a lack of food...and what the body requires to sustain itself at its optimum..

for example when i fisrt started i realised i hadnt eaten enough to make me full for the longterm.. now i realised what i need so that my fast can be more effective considerin i must still do worldy works which requires energy.

and through boxing.. i also realised that controlling food very explicitly is very importnat.. too much or too little can ruin a whole round of boxing and make u look crap!

peace LHX creation is indeed the greatest feat.. without it.. lol we wudnt be talkin
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