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Originally Posted by repo
pi is a constant
an irrational one but still a constant.
but why the concern with it being under 4? it just IS.
thats not the point im making......and drop the attitude sonny..j/p clam down repo

yeh man..if it keeps going....and its 3. whatever it has to reach 4 at sometime...or it'll defy the laws of math man, or what u call a constant..fuck that shit....i failed algebra 6 still know wtf is up....i have a way with numbers man..belive me...if any number below a number has to and adventually will catch up to the number its heading to...or there shouldnt be a number afterwards...which is impossible..

so i dont know what your trying to debate or argue with, with that comment

and i dont even have to say no more, thats just common sence
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