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Some lyrics off one of my freestyles. Might have a few typos but you get it.

Yo I'm always stayin fly so I'm kinda like a pilot son/
And I'ma be a phantom up until I ride inside of one/
The livest one I'm flyin son homey n I rhyme for fun/
Blindin sun the way that skills radiate since 88/
Play me straight and you'll see I never play it safe/
Take the cake n eat to either me or you/
Got em feelin blue cuz they throwin up they lyrics/
Ballemic bars every single word breaks a spirit/
Everytime that they hear him they be fearin my appearance/
I aint just comin for the throne mother fucker ima steal it/
Comparin me to weed you see I seem like sour d/
N I rap so tight you never need the outer leaf/
Smokin more then wiz kalifa but my rhymes a little deeper/
Tooth fairy rappers come to meet the grim reaper/
But Shout out to gstat n the whole fuckin click tho/
Money makin Marty steal ya bitch Md yo/
big homey always cuffin chics we call em drama/
Thought you had swag never met ma nigga papa/
Roh tha shit uup mark I'm tryin to get blunted/
Whoever said they roll better musta been frontin/
I'm buzzin livin in the life n I love it/
You can trust it that you never catch skills lookin rusted/
Lady lustin baby pumpin since 1980 somethin/
born n raised by the rap game 20 yrs n runnin/
Listenin to 36 chambers n I soak it up/
Tokin up big L's cuz its big pun intended/
Spittin triple meanings is the super secret weapon/
Rumor is the kid got potential where he's headin/
Its just me n SP rockin melo m7's/
Double eagle reppin son listen to my message/
Guarantee they love me cuz I never let em down/
every masterpiece turns my haters into clowns/
Drownin out all the mainstream collaborations/
The last straw they pulled is what held my only patience/
Rhymin like I'm backslappin smirks off there faces/
Make you grip my bars like I locked you in some cages/
ya never gettin out now just become submissive/
deny that my rhymes caught your mind then you trippin/
My homeys on a mission in a shark pool fishin/
Cuz I'm huntin big game n I got em all missin/
Never took a loss so I never lost a fan/
My plan is to hold the whole future in my hands/
better do somethin if it stays the way it stands/
Burnin brands on your shortys chest skills is the man/
Put it in quotations skills will each your fams/
Deadly dosage only need to use a couple grams/
Hear some blams cuz I got the murder crews dumpin/
Hear some fans cuz I got em all fuckin jumpin/
smokin somethin its the big bad wolf you hear me huffin/
I'm in a state of mind that not everybody reaches/
N I get the haters stickin to me like some leeches/
You get schooled by the skills that my verse teaches/
any resistence within his path you know skills will breach it/
The world is fucked up and nonodys left to save it/
Live my life like I'm fightin death before he takes it/
N I pray to somethin after so my grandma rests in peace/
If god rejects my soul then I prolly suck my teeth/
Gimme some fly beats n watch me make some fly tracks/
Gimme some wack beats n watch me make some fly tracks/
apologies for repetition I'm just used to my consistence/
Precision so I'm winnin by unanimous decision/
Cookin up a rythm n you know I get persistent/
Like when I try to convince some pretty chics to kick it/
Live it to the fullest n I'm never lookin back/
Spittin silver bullets to these bloodsuckin bats/
Visions of the future n ill show you where I'm at/
Couple flats and a couple coupes fuckin up these groups/
classy suits Comin wit my troops pockets full of loot/
A flow that's pumpin through my veins rhymin from the heart/
But I do it for the money hustlin poet from the start/
Its the art
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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