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Originally Posted by patriquino View Post
Finally. I just wonder what took you so long.
I must say, even though you said it was just a small sample, that i expected more.

All these wu samples you drop, did rza tell you about them, or did you find them looking through his crates?
If he leaks (rzaleaks) then please ask him about the tragedy sample ( i know true made it, but rza co-produced) and the sample for knowledge god and rainy dayz. Is that asking for too much? And glaciers of ice while you at it.
add triumph to that list...
but i think they dont like when the samples are discovered...
there is an su-preme7g vid on youtube (pt14 ? 15?) where he's complaining about sharing... as an producer he says that you have to keep them in your own crates and dont share them because this is the main part of art of it!
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