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yeh, if u caught checkin' this out
and ain't caught what the message about
and wasn't taught what percentages 'bout,
or think this ain't evolved from a' elevator
walls where some blood and guts was shot out to stain 'em...
...I'm just trying a' get myself together
we in the '11th hour? yeh, whatever's clever...
what I'm seeing, trying a' convey it to ya'...
...too many say it threw 'em...
...well, what you think it been doing to me? I was thrown into a
- world that defies ay'thing that defines me
so, when I look for my killers, how they survived me?
yeh, right, who too scared to recognize me?
without infiltratin', how gods gon' find me?
The Father The Sun, who can decypher codes
I water it down plain, still n$ggas minds is froze
like sunday, blue laws, n!ggas minds is closed
dimes ain't get to me, and a dollar can't buy a ho
so, my value depreciated, ay'thing I know
the k.o.s., knowledge of self, feel like serpico
no snitch, just no back-up, by myself, allone
walkin', the horizon showing no terrain to roam...
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