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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

You see the problem is we got dudes today who come on here an post they feelins bout God, God is man made blah blah shit stain drawers..... Then you got the young kids who think they life is bad an insist there is no God, they will follow this person's veiws because they feel "if there was a God I wouldn't be sufferin. "For anythin to exist so must its opposite how could there be death if somethin never knew life" there is false prophets who spread this shit round an it was written in the bible this would happen an it is happenin more then it ever has. Some of you might laugh at what I say an present your evidence an say "Good luck spendin ya life worshippin somethin that does not exist. But my answer to that is I can't prove God parted the sea for Moses or I can't prove there is somethin better for all of us believers. I done need to prove anythin cuz when I observe a beautiful sun as its setting no matter how bad my day went I realize God has blessed me wif a present, I done need proof, I have faith and even more then faith I feel God's presence and its somethin beautiful main. Prayin has helped me through some difficult shit.

Much love to you all 1.
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