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Tokyo Cigar drunken mastaTokyo Cigar drunken masta

No doubt y'all. Good looking out. Yeah i tend to drop different styles on projects. I try and give each joint it's own sound. I guess half of that just comes from being a nomad all my fucking life and also from peeping how the RZA did it on the first round of solo albums by giving each general they own sonic identity.

Big up to yall for the love. Yo Skam and Jigsaw I SEE YOU. Yall going hard with the dope tracks, albums and videos. Nuff respect due. Theres some crazy cats on here dropping raw shit. ( niggas like Beatjitzu are muthafuckin hard body with the beats ) I consider this forum like the projects of the internet cause niggas on this shit look you in your eye when you come thru and wont hesitate to scream on cats so to get props on this joint is heavy.
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