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Default bean's talk

...right, man, luciano told me I will be
the founder of this organization... will be what I will sh!t to be, we met up at pos. FX
west phil, call it medina, s.p. vets on the set
was '97-'98, had me on mental missions
came back, bruvas in the streets twisted, tied-up & missing
well, we was just working the niche to get in the business
mlk jr. thrown into videodrome conniptions...
...the bag a' beans, to the beans' talk, heard him talkin' shit
didn't know I was the man to see, pt. breeze resident
like, who the-f*k you laughin' at, tryin' that tricknowledge
to pigeonhole suh'm, that pigeon's stool, mouth's a colin
pardon, I'm rantin', but I damn sure ain't a' exit ramp
when, dude was on-route, ain't pay homage, so that's his ass then
neva'mind j-z when he ain't j-zuz, and I'm Jehovah
born in your neck-of-the-woods, I'm r.o.c., the game is over
all this shit I been comin' up wit', been summoned up quick
still phila. slept on my summer solstace
I'm on the up-and-up with revelations, '06 o'clock
luci' tried to change the language up, so bul is chopped
ex-communicated, and if those witches ain't with
giving birth to me, most certainly they ain't escapin'
my drill...
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