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aurora's are caused by electro magnetic energy(from the sun) hitting the earths , magnetic field.. for some reason(that i cant recall.. had a long ass day!!! ;/) it only happens in the northern hemisphere

the x class flare, probably has something to do with the 8.9 in japan. (im gonna go research now.. lol. and ill be back with posts), but all the people who i get information off. had been stateting.. march 11th - 15th their will be a huge event..

but if the mayan cycle is to be believed.. this is just the start.. we(consciousness) has to fit in so many experiances before the end of this cycle.. its going to be CRAZY,. events like this will be the norm

the suns having problems tho.. its sister is fucking with it magnetism.. also mainstream science(nasa) has recently said that saturn and uranus are being effect by a wobble, that can only be caused by something in the outer solar system..

on personal experiances/.. i would say up to the last 3 months of last year,. ive found myself drfting away from people who i have been tight with my whole life,. i seem to be not interested in meeting some friends,. i actually thought last year i was gettin depressed.. but sometimes, some1 would contact me and id link up, over time i realised(through intuition).. my subconscious mind, is not letting me interact with people (as much) who are confined to this material reality... its really hard to explain.. random events happen where i want to see some1 (usually a girl lol) and they show up at my house,. and other mates call me daily and nothing happens..
lol one of my mates even said to me, you dont seem to care about anything anymore..
thats so far from the truth :S
but i understand his viewpoint
theirs other things such as seeing 11:11 all the time. it fucking annoys me!! wtf does that mean.. and seeing 1234 alot ;/

but recently just this year, ive been getting weird like waves like adrenalin go through my back down my spine..over and over ;/ it makes me so tired
is my subconscious/junk dna.. downloading something? :S
ive always got loads of energy in the day but come 5-6 pm im drained.. i dont go bed till late.. and even if i get 2-4 hours sleep. im live at 8 am. and im full of life.. even if i get loads of sleep.. im live again. until early pm.. then.. its like my body shuts down ;/

sham-ill what extreme unexplainable changes have you been going through?

ill get some proof of the pole shifts up! some nice maps of where the pole is/was, from govt sites :d and mainstream news sources


*edit* i've wanted to mention this a few times.. the bird and fish deaths... is that a sign of whats to come for humans? their deaths are unexplainable.. too many deaths of too many species for it to be nothing/coincidence...i dont even think much is being done on a global scale, to find out what is causing these deaths.

also global warming.. global warming is happening in our solar system, to other planets (check mars' north / soul poles) probes/satelites we have sent out also confirm this.. so what ever is warming up the earth is warming up other bodies in our solar system too..

i watched a video some time back, by a 'high up initiated freemason' and he was saying, that chem trails are their to shield us from the suns harmful radiation,. theirs heavy metals in chem trails spray, they soak up radiation( and give us carcagens) .. but the way he was saying it, sounded like it wasnt radiation from the sun, but from something else..i dunno tho. i still think chemtrails are being done to change earths atmosphere (on purpose) and to fuck with our immune system

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