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i love the album. rae has guaranteed his hall-of-fame status.
i was rae's biggest critic for a long time...and i was not interested in this album until a few months ago.
its such a shame he released 'immobilarity' and 'LDS' back then instead of 'Cl2' and 'shaolin vs wu-tang'....back when he could still go gold and make wayyyyyy more $$$$ than he will today!!!! its a tragedy.

i'm a very harsh critic of hiphop today...and i think this album is definitely superior!
rae did an awesome job picking beats....again! this is an awesome lineup of producers.
also, rae continues to improve as an MC! he has been my fave & most respected MC the past 3 yrs. he has full redemption in my eyes.
the only track i listened to before march 8th was "butter knives".

although i dont think "rock & roll" fit on this album, and i was expecting to hate it, i actually really dig this joint. its catchy but hardcore....and dope! that wasnt really autotune. it IS definitely a dope beat....pretty different...and very 2011 hiphop. i even like jones' references to rock legends.
that being said, i think the track sounds perfect for royce 5'9. i think he woulda went off...bragging like a mofo on this with GFK! i can almost hear him now.

despite all the pre-hype, i actually believe this is partly a homage to rza. the 2 rza samples on "molasses" and the 1 rza sample by ringz are obvious. i think rae was adamant w/ that. this is definitely an album for the wu heads! thank u AGAIN chef!!
i think this was a call to everyone (including the generals + rza) that they need to get back to that traditional WU shit they're known for....AND that they can STILL do it.
i think rae is trying to encourage rza to give us the shit everyone knows rza still has....that true-WU shit.
still, was rae taking a shot at rza on the 1st track when he says:
"...the WU manual....u hid it....we found it.....stay grounded...".

again, w/ the final track "WU chant" as the exclamation point, rae is definitely pushing WU to the forefront and trying to remind everyone (again including the generals) that WU is the greatest group ever...and that they've made the greatest ever contribution to hiphop.

all the praise aside, this is NOT a classic/perfect album.
rae needs an exec producer. it still seemed like something was missing overall. it just didnt have the ....complete tight-ass finishing touches that rza used to craft classics.
although i like it a lot, "chop chop ninja" seemed kinda awkward and oddly pieced together somewhat. the song does not flow/evolve THAT smoothly.
the beat for "every soldier" seemed like it woulda fit better w/ the title "ferry boat killaz". it sounded like it had a horn-type of a huge boat / oceanliner.
(minor nit-picking.)

the only track i dont like is "from the hills". awful track w/ a god-awful hook. shoulda used suga bang instead.

so....15 tracks i like a LOT!!! that equals a great great album.

thank u chef!


*(this album shits all over 'apollo kids'.)
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