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Shaolin VS Wu-Tang- 8/10 (Didn't like HOFD so I thought I wouldn't like this either...I was wrong, it grew on me a lot.)

Every Soldier In The Hood- 4/10 (enjoy the lyrics quite a bit but I really don't like the beat at all)

Silver Rings- 8.5/10 (This actually sounds a lot like a modern Rza beat to me which is kind of ironic, but Cilva made those drums go hard. It's short and straight to the point but I wished it was a bit longer, would have been a nice back and forth for Ghost and Rae.)

Chop Chop Ninja- 7.5/10 (I love, love the beat on this, dark and sinister with a nice kung fu fighting loop, can't get more wu than that in this day and age, BUT it's hindered by a corny chorus but not by Estelle's performance. Too corny for the whip, good for the player.)

Butter Knives- 8.5/10 (And they said Bronze couldn't do hard beats. Like Concrete Jungle, Bronze proves he's got a lot more to offer in his production ability. Rae merks it too.

Snake Pond- 8/10 (Another track that sounds like a modern Rza beat, like something from Masta Killa's No Said Date. A nice slow paced but hard track with Rae just going in.)

Crane Style- 8.5/10 (Another short track but one in which Busta delivered, and this is coming from someone that hasn't liked Busta's work since Genesis. A nice smooth beat and Rae did his thing too.)

Rock N Roll- 6.5/10 (People really need to get off their high horse about this song, it's really not that bad, yeah you could nit pick it to death but for what it is it's solid. An above average wu joint but an excellent club joint.)

Rich And Black- 7.5/10 (Great back and forth between Rae and Nas, this is one of those joints where the artists made the most of an otherwise so so beat.)

From The Hills- 9/10 (A very nice uplifting joint, I get a nice nostalgic feel from this.)

Last Trip To Scotland 8/10 (Lloyd Banks delivered, joint went hard, that's all I have to say about it.)

Ferry Boat Killaz- 7.5/10 (I've heard much better from Alchemist, Rae did his thing on it. A solid joint.)

Dart School- 7/10 (I don't really get why people are hyping up this joint here, it's good though, can't front on it either.)

Molasses- 9.5/10 (Now this is what im talking about, this joint is ill and I can't believe im going to type this but...RICK ROSS DELIVERED!. Ghost and Rae smashed it too. THIS IS WHAT I WOULD BANG IN THE WHIP.

The Scroll- 9.5/10 (Wow, I really wasn't expecting this to hit like it did. A sleeper hit, you know it is, one of those joints that very few are going to talk about but most are going to love.)

Masters Of Our Fate- 9/10 (An epic final track, Rae is on reflection mode and Black Thought just steals the show. Epic, absolutely epic.)

Wu Chant- 10/10 (Yeah yeah I know what you're thinking, how can I give the outro a 10/10?...let me tell you, it was because after listening to this album I had my hands in the air with a W doing the EXACT SAME THING. Captured my feelings exactly.

Cuban Linx 1 was such an incredible piece of work, not only for it's time but for the genre as a whole, that as a result it has seemily left Rae at a constant disadvantage as he's always being measured up to it with each subsequent release. Some might say that Immobilarity was doomed from the outset and that it was unfairly criticized just because it followed on from CL. Well that might have been the case but my memory of the album tells me differently, and the less said about Lex Diamonds the better. Rae of course had to go away and do some soul searching, wake up to the fact that the fans were just not responding, he knew it at the back of his mind and to a certain extent I applaud Rae from trying to be a bit more independent from his wu roots but lets be real here..CUBAN LINX WAS A DEFINING PIECE FOR A REASON, RAE HAD TO GO BACK, and he did to great acclaim with Cuban Linx 2. CL2 lit a match under the game and suddently everyone took notice, Rae was back in the game and the wu-tang name was being talked about again.

Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang is the result of the fixing and fine tuning Rae has had to go through in order to bring that wu hype back, time will tell if it has any lasting appeal but for now I will just say this...Rae has restored my faith in the Wu for 2011 and beyond. Rae swallowed his pride and listened to the fans.

Thank You Chef.

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