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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

first of all, I believe in God...i think that a lot of the disillusionment that is connected with religion and the concept of a God in general is engendered by the dilution of a lot of the basic principles and teachings by humans for personal interests of power and other egocentric aims.
we as people are supercilious and arrogant enough to think that, because this is all we are used to, this is automatically all there is. this physical world is nothing more than an extended metephor for the real, spiritual realm...we are all trapped souls on a physical plane of existence.
its funny how scientists are, stereotypically at least, against the idea of religion, when science really is nothing more than attempts to explain God's creation. i think the law of entropy concisely proves that there is some higher states that if you put energy into something, then it will in general be better off than if you left it alone, in which case it would decay or deteriorate. much is the same with our situation...if there was no higher power, how could there be us? we are intelligent, coherent beings, and so it is impossible for us to arise from nothing...unless you consider the entity of nature to have some intellectual advantage over the human race. its like there couldnt be inventions if there were no inventors...
there is no such thing as death...that's a very subjective, limited view on the passage of one's essence from one stage to another...
great thread by the way.
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