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eatmaxeat shaolin monk

1. Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang 9/10 (Amazing way to start the album off)
2. Every Soldier In The Hood 7.5/10 (Liked the Lyrics but not the beat)
3. Silver Rings 8.5/10 (Liked this, wish it was longer)
4. Chop Chop Ninja 8/10 (I have the version without the cheesy singing)
5. Butter Knives 10/10 (Raekwon does well on this violent beat)
6. Snake Pond 10/10 (Loved the beat, Raekwons soft flow worked well with it)
7. Crane Style 10/10 (Busta Rhymes was amazing on this song)
8. Rock N' Roll 3/10 (I can barely listen to this.)
9. Rich And Black 9.5/10 (Saves the album from Rock N' Roll)
10. From The Hills 7/10 (Didn't like the hook much)
11. Last Trip To Scotland 8.5/10 (A good song, Lloyd banks blends in well)
12. Ferryboat Killaz 8/10 (The beat gets a little annoying)
13. Dart School 10/10 (Loved the beat, Loved the hook, Loved the lyrics)
14. Molasses 8/10 (Rick Ross blends in well as well, Shadowboxin beat in the background)
15. The Scroll 10/10 (One of my Favorites, Raekwon has a realization)
16. Masters Of Our Fate 10/10 (Another Favorite, Black Thought is amazing!)
17. Wu Chant 10/10 (Wu tang chant over The Good, The Bad, and the ugly theme song.)
18. Wu Crime 8/10 (I liked Gza and Killah Priest, the beat didn't fit it though)
19. Your World And My World 9.5/10 (Havoc was amazing on this track, loved the beat)

Total: 164.5/190
Averaged: 8.6 = Banger
Loved this album, Has a good amount of replay value and I just wish there was more Ghostface Killah, Gza, Inspectah Deck and Mehtod Man. Oh and I wish there was a Masta Killa track (Love his calm flow), a Cappadonna Track, a U-God track (I think he would have done well with a short part on The Scroll or Masters Of Our Fate), a Eminem track (Early 2010 Raekwon said he would be on the album), And No Kobe or Jim Jones
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