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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

yeah you most certainly have the upper hand on me in a scientific dialogue, but when i said that science is nothing more than attempts to explain God's existence, i wasnt trying to define the state of mind that scientists have when they delve into their field...
when i put forth the theory of entropy in relation to God, i was just trying to provide a simplified analogy...obviously there are aspects of this arguement that arent empirically able to be proved. i dont believe that you can apply physical laws that govern our world to spiritual matters, certainly not God...but at the same time, realize that this is not an arguement against science, on the contrary, i have the utmost appreciation and respect for it...its a shame that usually science and religion are pitted aginst each other continuously, when in reality it shouldnt be such a conflict.
i have a belief in religion, and systematic revelations that God sends to us through Prophets and Manifestations..most people see religion as a divisive illusion of no truth, but it is mainly people who have made theology so cloudy.
just because things can't be physically proven according to the laws that govern the world that we live in, doesnt necessarily mean that they aren't 'real'. i think this perception is one that is very in which everything has to be measured for its existence to be proven.
much respect for the conversation...
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