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Originally Posted by baby jesus View Post
Hahahaha Spike Lee And The Knicks Fans Were Killin It. I Love It I Was At A Bar People Goin Fuckin Nuts It's Good To Have The Energy For The Knicks Again. Although I Aint Gonna Lie I Went To A Bar For The Knicks Vs. Lakers And There Wasnt A Soul There All Of A Sudden We Get Melo And Everyones A Fan. Heat Are A Bunch Of Scrubs Bosh I Laugh At That Faggot If Anyones Gonna Close Out Games It's Got To Be Wade, Lebron Is A Choker. Sense-A Is Sweating He Knows It The Bulls Dont Want To See The Knicks First Round.
The knicks? You mean the team that has lost 6 in a row? The knicks who are 1-9 their last 10 games? Since getting anthony they are 7-12. Yeah....i'm shaking in my bones. Knicks are a joke and pissed their franchise future away by going after "star" talent. Although in my opinion, carmelo was ALWAYS overrated. Because of his name? The tattoos? The fake gangster swag? Who knows. The knicks are going NOWHERE in the playoffs and will be a first round exit. I posted a nets quote earlier indicating that they are happy as hell they didn't get carmelo. If the knicks keep up their losing streak, they won't even make the playoffs. indiana and charlotte can still pass them. Maybe you better worry about making the playoffs more than whether or not you even stand a chance against the Bullies. knicks play orlando tomorrow. You can expect the knicks to continue their losing streak to 7 games.

Meanwhile, my team is 32-4 at home!!! and has home court advantage against every team except the spurs. We have the best defense in the league by allowing the fewest points per game to opponents. We also have the widest point spread (pts scored - points allowed). We are 2.5 games up above boston, who is now only a half game ahead of miami. Boston is choking so bad they might end up with the #3 seed.

Let's just get the playoffs started.
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