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I got a few spots I can go to.

First of all , none of my spots specialize in hip-hop and there we find a sore spot. Thankfully my favorite record store (Hogwild records) has a hip-hop bin.Its not very big of a bin but its there and then there is a small section in the used LP's section that is hip-hop as well.There was a copy of Immobilarity in there once for only like 8 or 10 bucks but it was SCRATCHED to hell and back.

I would say one tip I can pass along (its an obvious one) check all the records you buy.I even have gotten new sealed records and they had defects (beastie boys pauls boutique and Eryka Badu newest joint) I had the new ones replaced with good copies free of charge but still ...

you can always clean records good with any cleaning brush and solution. I've used that method since I was little ,cleaning up all my moms records and I still use it to this day.It doesnt cost much for the brush and solution and a lil goes a long way.I have a cleaning kit right now manufactured by RCA , it does me good. There are some records I just dont clean though cuz I like em dirty. I only have 3 like them though out off the 600 or so I have , where I keep em dirty.

Oh .... replace your needle about once a year if you listen and use the turntable everyday. 6 months if you are hard on the needle or live in a really dusty area.

back to record spots

I go to a chain here that is called 'half priced books' and they have a lot of diff shit here and records to get from them is Jazz and usually they will be kinda dollar records in my area but I heard of a city outside mine that has dollar bins in their Half priced Books stores so...

Dollar crate digging is GREAT , I do it often but I dont rely on it. I know somebody that I look up to as far as music in general goes and they dont buy anything except dollar records now. maybe its a phase. idk.

I got this one lil metal shop that is pretty dope cuz they got all kinds of rock and they have a crazy dollar bin that will have a shitload of stuff that ppl just leave cuz they come in and dont know the store is specialized in Metal .... I go to them a few times a year.

I never hit the same spots over and over, I like to give em time to restock with diff records.If I hit the spots like a fiend then I will run into the same records OVER AND OVER

another spot I have is this antiques mall. ANTIQUES stores will have GOLDMINES in them ,TRUSS.lmao

yeah I get really good shit from the antique mall and they also have dollar bins.I buy jazz records there at decent prices.

I found a spot downtown where there is an antiques mall and if you go up to the third floor there is a door aaaaalllllll the way in the back and when you go in its HEAD TO TOE RECORDS. if you watch my youtube called DALI O DALI O you will see that room at the end of the vid.ITS CRAZY. I been there once and nutted in my pants at all the stacks to go thru and couldn even put a dent in a dent. All the records there start at 8 bucks and up unless marked otherwise. I'll go there one day with like 150 and take up the WHOLE DAY digging.

ahhhhhhh I think that beats all my spots besides two lil secret ones I got. I had a few others but they got shut down over the economy not doing good or whatever.they wasnt all that anyway.


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