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I'm watching the game now.

I love stacey king announcing (neil funk's the perfect sidekick) and benny the bull. best announcer, best mascot, etc. This franchise is great top to bottom. jerry reinsdorf all the way down to the janitors. Bulls franchise is legendary. I noticed our team got a lot better ever since Scottie Pippen's been the team ambassador.

neil funk announces the actual plays well as if you were listening to the radio, and stacey king is just hilarious. They compensate each other perfectly. I'm biased of course because its my favorite team, but they seem a lot better than other announcers I've heard when i watch the bulls away games.

edit: damn baraka we off to a rough start. 5 for 18 shooting on our home court? Time to regroup. Switch the lineup. Get taj and cj and brewer out there with deng and noah.

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