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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
i think its a common misconception by atheists that those who choose to believe in a creator are lacking fulfillment or meaning and therefore feel the need to believe in something greater than self.

2ndly, the illuminati and skygod (bearded man on cloud) are mutually exclusive concepts. this is mostly due the the belief that organized religion is under the control of the illuminati.
Everybody is lacking fulfillment and total meaning. We wouldn't be here otherwise. On the other hand, it is actually impossible to truly see existence as totally meaningless. We make meaning no matter what, unless we are dead, in oblivion. What is constant in us is the aversion and fear to the sparseness or impersonality of significance. The fear, not the actuality (because it is near impossible).

And everybody does this in some way, in different degrees, from the religious, to the independently spiritual, the atheist, the humanist, the positivist, even the nihilist. Also, just because it is a symptom, it doesn't necessarily make it not true. Belief is art. Art is not true or untrue.

Personally, however, I think an outlook that doesn't involve some consideration of psychology or deep self skepticism, or an intellectual conscience, is in poor taste (as art), no matter what label is on it.
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