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ChristO crouching tiger
Default birth of The Father The Sun Tzu-Wu

...they came looking for me, like they know who I am
double-u on the t.v. I’m schizzin’ again?
how real is it? they know bizcarro and demy
gods gotta’ find me...wu made it to philly
talent shows late ‘80s, ‘nard would let me know
bugging me out, batttling ghosts and ether
trying a’ be ‘bout my own identity, but can it be that...
..[this some real shit right here...stick with me, don’t let me fall]...
...born in s.p to infiltrate black mafia
the noi here was hiding ‘em
mosque number 12, here I is...where my killers?
I’m such a dick, I’m pissed
rose from the dead...thank nate and alicia
anybody don’t know me, I ain’t teaching ‘em
s.p. is the chief witnesses, they seen me coming up
you see me, say suh’m, don’t act funny none
you know how you the people scattering
and the kids ignorant, so I gots to massacre ‘em...
on my word allone, a bachelor with...
...the wu men pushing me out from the abdomen
of the beast, I was sworn in some lifetimes ago
water bearer, is the right time to flow now what I decided
‘11th hour [is] 2011...gab’ got ya’ eyelids open, so do not sleep walk...
The Word cummin in-the-flesh, this ain't cheap talk...
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