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Originally Posted by whitey View Post
i really do though have no clue whos gonna win the nba championship. saying the bulls is just as good as 5/6 other teams. its all a guess atm.
It is not all a guess. The Bulls getting the first seed and being 35-5 at home is a VERY big deal. Let's look at some historical facts to prove why its not "a guess at the moment" as you claim.

I went back to 1980 to look for the answer to four questions. First, how often did a No. 1 seed win and what other seeds have won. Second, how many teams won road series in order to win the championship. Third, if the No. 1 overall did not win, did the team that beat them win. Finally, what was the record of the road team in the NBA Finals.

In the 31 years since the 1980 season, the NBA championship has been won by one of the two No. 1 seeds 22 times, or 71 percent of the time. Of those, it has been won by the No. 1 overall team 15 times, or 48 percent.
This right here means that there is nearly a 75% chance that either the Bulls or Spurs win the championship. 3 out of 4 times. let's move on.

In the other nine Finals, five were won by a two seed, three by a three seed and only one team has won with lower than a three seed. That distinction goes to the 1995 Houston Rockets, who won with a six seed.
This means that the heat, celtics, lakers, and dallas might win. there is about a 30% chance that one of those teams wins. Anyone below a 3 seed winning the championship is a fucking long shot since its only happened once in the last 31 years.

Just a guess? Of the Heat and the Celtics, the Bulls have rolled over them during the regular season. We beat the Heat all 3 games and won the last 2 against the celtics. And our home record and defensive statistics might not concern you but doc rivers and that idiot spolestra are concerned, that's for sure.

The Bulls have only lost 1 out of every 8 home games this season. To beat us in a 7 game series, you have to win 2 out of 4.

The heat are 0-6 against boston and chicago this season. You might claim the regular season doesn't mean shit, but the heat have not managed to beat either of these teams fucking ONCE all season.

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