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Originally Posted by INF View Post
this is my first time seeing this thread. I read through all the pages.

from page one/ first video , I knew what you were talking about. I don't know if these are really ghost or what. I called this off to things being burnt ...a LOOOONG time ago.

These show up mostly when I burn an incense and I let the flame kick up too much before blowing it out. I've also seen em after setting other types of things on fire.

Its something to do with fire.

I figure its all scientific and not too much to do with phenomena but your take on how they float is pretty interesting. Interesting enough to do actual research maybe ..

I remember a thread somewhere in here (KTL) about the lil squiggle things in eyesight.Like some ppl see these lil squiggly worm like things in their eyesight and it turned out that there is an actual medical condition that causes this. Most of my childhood was spent thinking that I was seeing some type of phenomena when I wasn't , it was just something up with my eyes or whatever. you know?
yes, i use to see them too when i was a kid. they appeared suddenly and no matter which direction i looked in it was there distorting my vision. it looked like a squiggley worm but it had no colour of its own just distorted my focus where it had appeared on my eyeball. i can feel that they were on the surface of my cornea. the wormey things are in sections but there was no section that was of equal size. i would shut my eyes and rub them but nothing, they would still be there when i re-open my eyes. a few minutes or so later they would be gone. only one wormey thing would appear on when i see them. i could never predict when they would appear. i didn't feel any pain in my eyes when i saw them but i could feel them on the surface of my eye. it was more of an irritation really. i don't know why but i only just wondered why i didn't try to stick my head in the sink and rinse my eye with water.

i remember seeing them when i lived up north. i moved to london at the age of 9 which was back in '86. i don't know what age i was when i stopped seeing them, it could have been when i was in my early to mid teens.

i can't be 100% sure because i can't remember the last time i had actually seen one until i saw one appear last summer while i was sectioned in the nuthouse. i don't remember exactly where i was at the time it appeared, it could have been either the garden or in my room. those were the places i would most likely to be. it'll either be laying in bed listening to music, or chatting with the girls in my room, or smoking in the garden. i remember it appeared during the daytime. i never took note of what time of day they appeared but i remember seeing them in the daylight. i think they've appeared when i've been both outdoors and indoors. the wormey things resembled a bacteria seen under a microscope or a line of some kind of cell formation that doesn't harbour a nucleus, just membranes. it's looks like a few simple cells connected in a line, it was always in a squiggley line. it could be bacteria but it isn't living. when i shut and rub my eyes they don't change from its position or change in appearance. i just wiki'd it and found that it must be keratin.

A (neutral-basic) B (acidic) Occurrence keratin 1, keratin 2 keratin 9, keratin 10 stratum corneum, keratinocytes keratin 3 keratin 12 cornea keratin 4 keratin 13 stratified epithelium keratin 5 keratin 14, keratin 15 stratified epithelium keratin 6 keratin 16, keratin 17 squamous epithelium keratin 7 keratin 19 ductal epithelia keratin 8 keratin 18, keratin 20 simple epithelium

i had tinitus too when i was a child. it was like a constant beep in my eyes. the bouts would only last a few minutes. i used to hit myself in the ear to see if i could stop it. lolz.
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Decipher, son.

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