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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins
no - something that will retrieve what you have written and lost
nope unless youve saved what youve written..

btw why press ctrl n z anyway? pretty random when u know it will delete everything u wrote!

as for the question..

i dont think geometry is the only mean of determining the whole idea of God and deleting it when flaws have been found.

geometry asks our mind to use a 3D perceptive view to understand logic.
a triangle is a triangle in our mind.. the logic behind it is born from there.

however let me put the limitations of geometry to explain God into perspective.

Quantum Physics and Metaphysics... shows that our ideaology on Earth is limited to viewing everything in 3D.. we see what we see through our eyes which too has flaws.

in terms of the whole universe.. our mind cannot comprehend everything as we are trapped by our own physical limitations and understanding.

entire universe is very vast and has dimensions that are not comprehendable to the naked mind which is trapped in our body most of the times.

the space/time theory shows that.. the issue of time in the universe indicated that there are dimensions which exist alongside ours.. it is because we travel in a certain degree of light and speed.. that we cannot connect with the other dimensions...

you see what i am saying here is that... the geometry we are talking of is the one which is comprehendable to our mind influenced by our physicalities.
geometry is not simple and pinpoint.. it is complex and continues to develop when we apply the space/time theory here as well.. because we must start seing things in 4D which shows the new dimensions.. however as we cannot do that.. geometry cannot be used to argue or counterargue God at all..

Quantum Physics is a betr option

peace and blessings

good topic
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