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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

yes indeed.. finally somebody who knows something about this.

you see these are the emans by which man can now see the universe on a wider level..

the fact that the universe is still bases on randomness yet works like a clock most of the times.. leaves the important room for the mere idea of God.

as well as lay down how God would be necessary to control randomness.. and why on Earth.. there is so much evil and what makes people so confused as to why God made what he did.

its because man sees through a small mind, that we only see what we do.. quantum future indicates that there is a common consciousness and a God who is the master of this.

quantum physics lays down the realm that.. God is no spook, but an essentuial form/ which cannot be seen due to SPACE/TIME theory, yet a force/consciousness to which we become united with.
i agree with you wholeheartedly!

my "crusade" is against the superstitious concept of an almighty father figure.. not the potential of of a "God" that is shed light on thru understanding of quantum mechanics.

imo the idea and concept of "god" that is hinted toward when one understands quantum physics is greater and mor epowerful and more far reaching than any concept of a supernatural father figure.. it makes all of that look like backwater nonsense.. if a "god" exists, the concept is so unimaginable and greater than what religion has ever conceived!

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