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Prince Rai
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Default Re: Does Geometry prove a God's Existence?

Originally Posted by My First Timbs
i agree with you wholeheartedly!

my "crusade" is against the superstitious concept of an almighty father figure.. not the potential of of a "God" that is shed light on thru understanding of quantum mechanics.

imo the idea and concept of "god" that is hinted toward when one understands quantum physics is greater and mor epowerful and more far reaching than any concept of a supernatural father figure.. it makes all of that look like backwater nonsense.. if a "god" exists, the concept is so unimaginable and greater than what religion has ever conceived!
i so agree here.. much props..

indeed the God explained thorugh these emans is definitely more powerful than any man depiction.. because we see the entire truth much more deeply..

scinece can always erase the God that religion depicts.. but never the picture of God which IS. (imo i respect ur position)

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