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Inspektah Meth-Tical
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Yo KingShyt you definitely live up to your name
Trynna go against me you must be fucked in the brain
I lay down judgement on you sinning fools
This muthafuckabeating me?
Thatís like Michael Phelps drowning in his swimming pool
You claim to be Nino B you swimming in a pool on shark
You a chuwaka a muthafucking little fool that barks
King cudnít be rock shit taking a dump on the pyramids
i'm the doper lyricist duzn't get as clear as this
better be hearing this you fake thug
you're whole life is like made up
If you're dope then i'm the needle that injected ya
you feel the pain in your deck from the Inspectah bro
ain't no body drowing fruits but your girl down her throat
went so deep that i planted seeds i clown your folks
so how does it feel like to be kissing my dick
you feel the deadly poison spread when i'm dismissing this shit
KingShyt i take you down with my pawn
i kill your Queen with a shot from the Bishop tht split her dome
i'm a foot solider that roll with the infantry
been blessed since infancy pestilence induce the industry
get rid of you're fake ass instantly
you ain't true nigga you faker than Pam An's tits
I make you feel weak in the knees you standin with

Came outta retirement for your bitch ass, this is the last post i'm ever posting take it and go up your game and let the people decide the true winner nigga.
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