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1. Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang (Produced by Scram Jones)
Ok, So Raekwon is back Fresh off CLII and a ton of features, he's been killing shit all over the hip-hop nation. Now's he's back with this album he's promised the fans back in 07'. This track right here is perfect to set off the album, not too long, not too short, this is the whole theme of the album right here. "You hid the Wu-Manual, we found it, stay grounded" I think he's talking to Rza on that line right there, saying he wants to take it back and give the fans what they want without Rza's help. Raekown's first verse is on some Wu-Shit, his second verse is on some Shaolin shit, also paying tribute to Smooth tha hustle & Trigger with the flow on that last verse. This is a nice beat by Scram Jones. Solid opener. 4/5

2. Every Soldier in the Hood (feat. Method Man) (Produced by Oh No)

"Don't make me pop you this is not cool" my favorite line on this one, The Beat by Oh No is a banger, especially in the whip this is a nice joint right here. Raekwon is on his kingpin shit, just spitting some fly rhymes and Meth comes in a just grab the torch, at first I said Meth sounded burnt out, but after a month of listening to this, this is actually a good verse, Meth has a few slick lines "I got the drive to win, so where you niggaz get your license from". Overall this is a nice banger. 4/5

3. Silver Rings (feat. Ghostface Killah) (Produced by Cilvaringz)

I was expecting way better from what I was reading on the forums about this track. I was expecting some "Dart Tournament" shit to be honest. The beat is cool though, Cilvaringz could'e gave Raekwon some hotter shit than this though. Raekwon starts this one off "CLIII coming, idk when" lol haha hopefully that's Raekwon's last project. Anyways Ghostface Killah steals the show on this one, this is one of his best verses in a long ass time and he just goes in "Sparking MC's like we quoting our degrees on em'" nice way to end this banger. 4/5

4. Chop Chop Ninja (feat. Estelle & Inspectah Deck) (Produced by Bluerock)

This track had the potential to be so much better than what it turned out to be, The beat is pretty good and Raekwon starts this off with a fire verse, this wouldve been nice with just him on this. The hook by estelle is aight, nothing too special. Deck is corny on this track. I'm not feeling either of his verses on here, he's not spitting no hot shit on this. On Raekwon's second verse it sounds off beat when he first comes in, this track is just sloppy. 3/5

5. Butter Knives (Produced by Bronze Nazareth)

Not a big Bronze fan but he definitely delivered with this shit right here, this beat is nasty, i remember the first time i heard this i kept hitting repeat. Raekwon is spitting some nasty rhymes on here too, the hook is fire. This was the first track I heard off the album and I was like "Ok, Raekwon we got that heat rocks". 4.5/5

6. Snake Pond (Produced by Selasi)

This is classic storytelling by Raekwon, you can really see every scene in the rhyme as Raekwon paints the picture for you, this beat is nice too, I think Raekwon steals this one with his storytelling. He shows why he's one of the best at this shit. 4.5/5

7. Crane Style (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Produed by Scram Jones)

This is ok, couldve been better, karate training sounding beat by Scram, he couldve did better, Raekwon and Busta both deliver I wont drag this one on. 3.5/5

8. Rock N Roll (Live Version) (feat. the Roots & Ghostface Killah) (Produced by DJ Khalil)

This isn't as bad as everyone is claiming it to be, the beat sounds good in the whip to be honest, Raekwon is just rhyming on this one, i will say one thing, that Ghostface verse is straight ass, one of the worst, if not the worst Ghost verse I've ever heard, shit was straight doo doo, Ghost disappointed me on this one, the best line was "I got that Mickey baby!!!!" Thats it, Jim Jones comes through and drops a good verse for this song, he definitely did his thing on here. 3.5/5

9. Rich & Black (feat. Nas) (Produced by Sean C & LV)
First of all I wanted to say Fuck Raekwon and Nas for not recording some new fresh shit, instead of giving us some old shit. Besides that this is a banger, Raekwon's second verse is fucking nasty, he went in on the mic for real, Nas first verse was ill as fuck too. straight banger. 4/5

10. From the Hills (feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Method Man) (Produced by Dope)

This shit is hot, this is some "remember them days" type shit, just taking you back to the old days in the hood, Raekwon and Meth both deliver on this shit. I love Meth's line "If you are what you eat, and eat pussy yous a cannibal" lol haha. This is definitely one of them old school vibe type tracks on the album. 4/5

11. Last Trip to Scotland (feat. Lloyd Banks) (Produced by Scram Jones)

Beat from CLII before Fat Lady sings starts. Beat is actually hot, Raekwon is doing his classic storytelling on this one, Lloyd Banks drops some heat on this shit, I love how he kept up with Raekwon on this one. Pretty solid track. 4/5

12. Ferry Boat Killaz (Produced by the Alchemist)

This is where I start to really get into the album, this beat is nasty, sounds like surgical gloves a lil bit, but this shit is fucking fire, Raekwon is on is kingpin chair just spittin dartz on this one, sounding like a straight boss, I love the video for this one too, just some smooth shit. One of my favorite tracks on the album. "Get High, trust ya trigger man, logic is the bigger man" Raekwon just schooling niggaz on this one. So many ill lines. 4.5/5

13. Dart School (Produced by Mathematics)

One of my other favorite joints on the album, Mathematics delivered some smooth shit on here, i'm loving it, Raekwon sounds like a teacher on this one, schooling niggaz, I'm feeling the hook on here too, that's what pulled me in at first. This is some fly nigga shit right here. 4.5/5

14. Molasses (feat. Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah) (Produced by Xtreme)
Another banger right here, Mixture of "Throw ya flag up" & "Shadowboxing" I think this track is a Rza shoutout to be honest. But Anyways Raekwon bodies the track this is some smooth shit that just goes hard, I don't even fuck with Rick Ross like that but he definitely didn't drop the ball on this shit, he delivered a nice verse to be honest, Can't say nothing negative about him on this one, Ghostface ends this one off nice, one of his better verses on the album. This shit is just smooth i'm feeling the whole vibe of this one. 4.5/5

15. The Scroll (Produced by Evidence)
This shit is fly right here, he just talks about the formation of the clan on here if you listen closely, great beat by evidence. this is some nighttime ride out shit, Raekwon delivers another banger. 4.5/5

16. Masters of Our Fate (feat. Black Thought) (Produced by Tommy Nova)
This just slows down the whole vibe of the album and I end up skipping this one most of the time, nothing wrong with it, but after like 5-6 bangers and this comes on it just doesnt feel right. Raekwon and Thought both deliver. 3.5/5

17. Wu Chant (Outro)

Lyrics - 4.5/5
Beats - 4/5
Overall - 4/5 or 8.5/10

Overall This is a Wu-Banger, yup I'm giving it the stamp. This shit is fire man, if Raekwon can keep up this momentum ain't no telling where he gonna go with it next, this was a good record, definitely worth my money, Raekwon is lyrically still on point, and the beats were good, not on that 90's level but definitely good enough to push Raekwon in my top 10 officially. ****Overall 4/5****
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