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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

the war rages on im on reapet like yo favourite song
a billion years strong i know things that 'll make hell mourn
swift n silent my smiffirn wersen is violence the world is torn
i miss Nixon never forgot Hitler congratulations Obama
R.I.P biggy tupac dirty nate pimpC fallen soldiers weres Osama
somewere in the hills busy printing counterfeit bills
funding killings the world watching is war is fulfilling
iam history i know everything i only feed lies to yo favourite textbook.

nw: radioactive
bibilical sriptures encrypted with three 6's
time to call God his number not listed
don get it twisted i bring forth a critical vision
to cast fear and yeild man is the devil's mission
besides the lord i fought to defend the lords FORT..

..............Jahny Jigler
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