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Originally Posted by Kennings
I know its kinda off topic in a way, but has anyone celebrated Yom Kippur? Because I do, and in it, I just gather with my family (but this year Ill be alone since Im off in college) and we dont do anything for a full day (from sundown to sundown) other than pray.

In it we have what I call an actual fast because for 24 hours we do not eat anything, or drink water. We do not even use electricity or anything entertaining. Really, youre supposed to jes do nothing other than read the bible, and pray for forgiveness. And then we make a "pilgramage" really just a walk, wearing regular house clothes b.c youre supposed to have humility and not really be carein bout what people have to say. Its basically a day of shame for your sins, but I like it because truthfully, when it is done right, you feel a whole lot better, both spiritually and physically.

From doing this every year, Ramadan, not to undermine it, seems as though it would be a lot easier to do, but then again I never truely experienced it.

But I do like the posts some of you said about using it as a time to create a blueprint, using it as a time to change your diet and really and truely re-evaluate your life. I always used to build my relationship to God, but that sounds like a really good way to make it that much more personable and beneficial. Especially with me seriously looking at my health and just again exercising and eating a whole lot better.

i never knew what that was
i've noticed that the jewish community would not use any electricity at certain times - i didn't know that it was that deep

but yeah for some in the Nation they do something like ramadan everyday 365
the strongest of us do it - eat once every 24 hours after SUNdown. I hear there is an elder who reads the Quaran once every 7 days - pure discipline

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