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I just remember in the ol days being there was no internet and i used to just go to da record store and see whats there,thats how i found alot of wu-tang music,id buy anything that had that W on it,bought 'the killabeez-the swarm' not even knowing much about it,cos the promotion didnt give much away. But that mystique was wu's strength,wu had that special underground feel,dam i remeber buyings soldiers of darkness single,that shit I found just cos of that W again and to this day,thats da sickest tune ever! So whether wu promote this big or not,that dont matter if its authentic and a banger word will spread.. Like GZA said 'break thru, like the wu, unexpectedly' that was one of wu-tangs traits and tactics in there prime, surprise attacks on the unprepared masses with the sickest tracks! Sometimes less is more,i mean nowadays they releasing clips of behind the scenes making of videos before the actual video even come out,to me thats o.t.t. Like aint the video itself ment to promote the single? They should just surprise us with the vids,music etc..cut down that over exposure and promo ting,like I said before sumtimes less is more. Peace

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