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mcNIN grasshopper

I say look how like a miracle
I walk straight up to you tall as a pinacle
even though I heard that you're so synical of me
I know what you got but I give mine for free
like charity your lackin so you need to see my shit
need to do summit put more weight behind your hit
get lucky got balls to fuck with me
all the better for rippin' em off can't you see
it's how I roll just like a barrel
I shoot your rhymes down like bow n' arrow
Forget the bones I can chill you to your marrow
you may have flow but I fly like a sparrow
I weave and dive lyrically leave none alive
you reckon you're sharp my tongue cuts like knife
you throw shit lose your focus
I feed on all that's left like a locust
this is how I get grim- no frills
I kick back rip it n' pop you like pills
with my hand
don't need a real gun here to stand
I'm on demand and you're on your way out
dig MC Nin's serious shinobi shout.
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