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i think the timing is right on these projects. If you think about it, yeah, they could have dropped joints 10 years ago when there was a flurry of Wu or Wu affiliate albums dropping but look at alot of those affiliates now they are rarely heard of these days. And look at what the music industry did with hip hop between say 99 and 08 or even to this day. They tried to make it pop music. Hip hop basically became a like a drunk girl that got used an abused at a frat party, and the music industry was the frat. They tried to make hip hop a fad or a fashion instead of a culture to make a quick buck and besides a few artists there weren't many gems dropped.
That being said, artists like kinetic and shogun have stepped back and waited patiently for their time to shine as solo artists, their hunger and their skills have developed and they have a good team behind them to help them achieve their goals.
I personally think they've made the right decision and i cant wait to hear their stuff.
Better 'late' than never...
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