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NAH001 iron monkeyNAH001 iron monkeyNAH001 iron monkeyNAH001 iron monkeyNAH001 iron monkey

"And pale face gests hollow points I swallow joints
With romantic charisma that'll make your momma moist
My voice ensemble of bullets rip through your squadron
Circulate the planets move back you better dodge 'em
Or get opened up like a margin
Buddah sargeant,
Christ I should've warned you I never missed a target
The living weapon war machine by buried king
Relentless remorse is guiltless and unclean
Also the sources supreme of my team
Black Knight brigade peels caps like tangerine
Holocaustic, hypnotic, psychotic, sub-atomic,
psychopathic, hyperactive, unattractive, alcoholic"
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